Because Robert officiates at weddings more often than other celebrations of the Life Cycle, the Testimonials, which appear below, are wedding-related. Please take a few moments to read what couples are saying about their experience with Robert.

We are so happy that somehow we were lucky enough to find you. From the first time we met you, we knew you were the rabbi for us. So many people have complimented us on the ceremony. It was perfect! You are one of the wonderful memories we have of our wedding.
Jason Goldberg and Simone Geyer

Having you as a celebrant at our wedding meant so much to both of us and to our families. To us, an interfaith wedding ceremony was of the utmost importance, and you, along with our priest, helped to shape a ceremony which honored both faiths and traditions. We still have guests from our wedding tell us that aside from it being a beautiful ceremony, it was a learning experience and a chance to embrace another religion in a most intimate setting. We so appreciated your advice and suggestions and we cherished the readings you selected for our day.
Daniel Schneider and Moira Geraghty

Spiritual Preparation Before the Marriage
of Dan Schneider and Moira Geraghty
St. Philip Roman Catholic Parish
Norwalk, Connecticut

Thank you for such an amazing day! We got a huge number of complements on the ceremony that you and Father Jeff conducted. [One] would think that designing an interfaith ceremony is a delicate matter, not as much for the bride and groom, but more for the families, who might not be used to such things. The way you designed it, however, made this seem natural and beautiful to everyone. Many of our guests said that this was the most beautiful wedding that they have attended.
Joshua Lader and Kumari Hobbs

I wanted to share the news with you as we have often shared the story of our wedding with other couples that have tried to figure out how best to have a multi-faith ceremony. It really was perfect and we are eternally grateful.
Scott Zmrhal and Jennifer Norwick

Scott Zmrhal and Jennifer Norwick
Signing the Marriage License
Coveleigh Club
Rye, New York

Thank you for the grace and artfulness that you brought to our wedding ceremony. Your words really captured our feelings and personalities, helping all to feel our love for each other through your heartfelt presentation. You will always remain in our happy memories of the day.
David Itzkoff and Amy Justman

David Itzkoff and Amy Justman
Priestly Blessing
Bronx Botanical Garden,
New York, New York

The ceremony was picture perfect. You really made our dreams come true. And our friends and family can't stop praising you and asking us how we found such a great rabbi. I hope you keep in touch with us and stay well.
Michael Dalessandro and Renu Bhatia

Mike Dalessandro and Renu Bhatia
Breaking of the Glass
Waterlot Gardens
Southhampton, Bermuda

Thanks again so much for the awesome ceremony. We loved it and our family and friends thought it was really beautiful.
Bryan Yates and Erika Mercado

Bryan Yates and Erika Mercado
Exchanging Vows
The Hotel Boca Chica
Acapulco, Mexico

Your insight and generosity of spirit were so appreciated. You created a gorgeous bridge between our respective Catholic and Jewish traditions. So many of our attendees both Christian and Jewish alike remarked at how moved they were by our personal and spirit-centered ceremony.
Jason Stahl and Theresa Gambacorta

Jason Stahl and Theresa Gambacorta
Blessing After Vows
The Crystal Plaza
Livingston, New Jersey

Michael Utegg and Janine Lay
Sealed with the Sash of Life
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
Erie, Pennsylvania

Shaun Lehrer and Zoya Isaeva
Wrapped in a Prayer Shawl
for the Priestly Blessing
New York Athletic Club
New York, New York

Whatever your pastoral or ceremonial need, Robert looks forward to speaking with you and your family.