Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reading with Robert like?
Robert begins every reading with a brief meditation. He then uses his inner senses to pick up on what is happening in or near your being and world. In short, he tells you what he sees, pertaining to your so-called past, present, and / or future, sometimes making mention of your "past lives" and connections to those who have left this world. During the reading, he may use various means such as Tarot cards or his own cards, The PSALM® Cards, to help himself focus. Before the reading's end, you will have an opportunity to ask as many specific questions as you wish.

What kinds of questions do people ask?
You can ask specific questions about anything, truly anything. No question is considered to be off limits or out of bounds.

Are readings confidential?
Yes. Robert does not share the content of your reading with anyone, including your spouse, family members, or friends. He keeps what you say to one another in strict confidence.

Is Robert always right?
No. Likening an intuitive's inner senses to radar, not every intuitive's inner senses, not every intuitive's radar, functions in the same way. Though Robert has been sharpening his inner senses, improving his radar, for more than twenty years, it is still the case that some things go undetected or are misinterpreted.

Does Robert work with guides?
Yes. Robert works with guides, that is, those who have left this world or in some cases beings whose form is different from our own three-dimensional form. Robert's guides communicate with yours and help him to pick up and interpret specific information meant for you.

Aren't card readings random?
Robert believes that order undergirds what we perceive as chaos. There is no such thing as an accident, and everything happens for a reason. You choose the card that you are supposed to choose, and Robert says to you what he is supposed to say. He is fond of saying, "I love, worship, and surrender to the Oneness who controls the dance of every leaf and the crash of every wave."

What is Robert's fee?
He discusses his compensation or fee during the initial free telephone consultation.

Where is Robert's office?
983 Park Avenue (East 83rd Street and Park Avenue) New York, NY 10028

Enter on East 83rd Street, second awning from the corner, and look for his initials, RST, next to the doorbell.

4, 5, or 6 Trains to 86th Street

If you would like to explore working with Robert, please feel free to call him at