What is the Light Within trying to tell you?

Not only do you have a soul, you are Soul. You are the Light Within, shining through the prism known as the individual self! Like a diamond, the self is multifaceted; the person you were five or ten years ago, for example, still exists. Each of your selves has a voice, and as a result, there is a lot of inner noise. The voice of the Light Within--the Real You--is like a compass, and when you can't hear it, you feel lost in the woods, in darkness. It is for this reason that people throughout the centuries have turned and still turn to intuitives. When working as an intuitive, Robert always begins by asking the same question, "What is the Light Within trying to tell you?" The Light Within, a drop of Light from the Ocean of Light, expresses itself through your most evolved self, and its voice is clear, direct, gentle, and loving.

Like intuitives everywhere, Robert relies on his inner senses, which every person possesses, to help you hear the voice of the Light you carry through the world. He offers people a truly unique and memorable spiritual experience. For more than a decade, he has helped thousands choose the right path for themselves.

Robert recognizes the Light Within All, that is, the Divine or Source of All, as the source of his ability. Because he does not claim to know the Divine's will, he will actively discourage you from making any decisions based solely on what he says. During your reading, Robert will tune into you, focusing on your so-called past, present, and future. He may use various means to help him do this, such as Tarot cards or his own cards, The PSALM® Cards and Messages from the Psalms. He typically focuses on issues such as education, employment, family, and relationships and explores "past lives" as well as connections to those who have left this world. To learn more about the work of an intuitive, visit the Articles page.

The PSALM® Cards, which Robert personally designed and illustrated, function as a spiritual language. This truly one-of-a-kind deck, consisting of 150 cards, depicts images embedded in the psalms, and it is available for purchase from Schiffer Publishing. The inspiration for The PSALM® Cards and Messages from the Psalms grew out of Robert's daily spiritual practice of praying the Book of Psalms in its entirety, which takes him just under two hours.

Breathe Deeply! You have already taken the first step in finding your intuitive. It would be Robert's privilege to walk with you at this point in your journey.

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Enter on 83rd Street, second awning from the corner, and look for his initials, RST, next to the doorbell.

4, 5, or 6 Trains to 86th Street

For legal purposes, please understand that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. All clients must be 18 years of age.

May the Light you carry increase! Stay blessed and be well!