Frequently Asked Questions

How long does someone stay in psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a tool for healing, and healing can occur quickly or slowly. Generally speaking, Robert's clients move, make steady progress, because he takes a more directive approach. Sometimes, however, an obstacle in a person's path is enormous, and it has to be dismantled piece by piece. Even then, Robert asks the question, "How hard are you willing to work?" A motivated client can accomplish much over a short period of time, especially if he or she uses other tools in conjunction with psychotherapy, such as exercise and meditation.

Does Robert provide couples psychotherapy?
Robert will help you and your partner face and work through issues so that your relationship becomes more functional, more healthy. The same obstacles that block the path of an individual, such as addiction or career stagnation, can block the path of a couple. He will help you remove such obstacles and improve the way in which you communicate so that you can consistently consolidate the gains that you make in psychotherapy.

What does Robert think of psychotropic medication?
Robert knows of many people who were prescribed psychotropic medication who reported unpleasant side effects and / or little if any change in their overall functioning. Others, however, reported that a particular psychotropic medication made a tremendous difference in their lives. That said, the option of psychotropic medication should be explored whenever progress in talk therapy is very slow or at a standstill. Should the need arise, he can refer you to one of the highly competent psychopharmacologists with whom he works.

What is Robert's fee?
Robert views the psychotherapy profession as a vehicle for spiritual service. For this reason, he approaches his fee differently than most of his colleagues.

In New York City, the going rate for forty-five minutes of psychotherapy is $150. Rather than tell you how much he charges, Robert asks you to come as close to this amount as possible. You determine the amount because only you know how much you can afford on psychotherapy each week.

Robert's unique approach--rooted in unconditional love for others--makes it possible for those on a limited income, particularly students, to work with him, sometimes for $50 per session. "Everyone deserves a chance at happiness, health, and wholeness," he is fond of saying, "those with money and those without."

Does Robert accept insurance?
Robert is an out-of-network provider, and upon request he will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance in order to be reimbursed.

Where is Robert's office?
983 Park Avenue (East 83rd Street and Park Avenue) New York, NY 10028

Enter on East 83rd Street, second awning from the corner, and look for his initials, RST, next to the doorbell.

4, 5, or 6 Trains to 86th Street

If you would like to explore working with Robert, please feel free to call him at