What is the Light Within trying to tell you?

A life cycle event, such as a wedding, is a spiritual event. Whenever Robert meets with a couple or family looking for a rabbi, he tells them, "A rabbi is a character in your novel, and it is important that you find the right rabbi." A rabbi serves as a guide for people as they journey through life, helping them identify their needs at each important milestone. For this reason, Robert asks those in search of a rabbi, "What is the Light Within trying to tell you?" That Light, a drop of Light from the Ocean of Light, expresses itself through the most evolved aspect of the self, the wisest self, and its voice is clear, direct, gentle, and loving. "Ask the Light Within to choose your rabbi," explains Robert, "and it will."

Robert has the sensitivity and presence to walk with you and your family as you celebrate the Jewish Life Cycle. Whether you are planning a brit milah or bris (circumcision), a simchat bat (naming of a baby girl), a wedding, a funeral, or an unveiling (of a grave marker), Robert is ready to be of service to you and your family. A life-long student of religion and spirituality as well as a published author, Robert is fluent, if you will, in more than one spiritual language and has the literary expertise to create a ceremony that fits you. The words chosen for that special day will respect the sensibilities of those from different faith traditions and speak to everyone present in a deep and meaningful way.

Breathe Deeply! You have already taken the first step in finding your rabbi. It would be Robert's privilege to walk with you and your family at this point in your journey.

Take the next step:

983 Park Avenue (East 83rd Street and Park Avenue) New York, NY 10028
Enter on East 83rd Street, second awning from the corner, and look for his initials, RST, next to the doorbell.

4, 5, or 6 Trains to 86th Street

May the Light you carry increase! Stay blessed and be well!